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Spotlight On Me

“Richard Wagner, The Valkyrie. Louder. Louder. Louder. And – Boom. The theatre explodes. The walls collapse, the ceiling falls to the ground. But you and I survive. And now – explosions in concentric circles travel further: Zagreb, Venice, Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, London and Moscow simultaneously – boom. The only one left is you, me and her – the memory of everything that is gone. La Ribot.” La Ribot's performance, Another Bloody Mary, is the penultimate victim in this story about erasing the boundary between the performance’s subject and the performing of the subject. The last victim is the performer who performs the story. Barbara investigates the paradox of live presence in front of a viewer: live presence can never exist solely as presence itself; live presence is always a presence for some absence. Barbara too becomes a victim of her own liveness: with her performance she only creates a memory about what she creates.

Conceived and written by Barbara Kukovec and Bojan Jablanovec, Performer: Barbara Kukovec, Direction, set, light: Bojan Jablanovec, Music: Richard Wagner, The Ride of the Valkyries, Producer: Špela Trošt, Production: Via Negativa, 2009, with the support by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana, Premiere: 5 October 2009, The Old Power Station Ljubljana, Duration: 45 min


Images Marcandrea

Short extract from the performance: